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“Under Siege? Jesus Is Your Refuge!” – Victory of the Lamb
“Under Siege? Jesus Is Your Refuge!”

“Under Siege? Jesus Is Your Refuge!”

It is no fun to be under siege.  You look back and you see mistakes that led you to this unfriendly place.  Your present is undesirable, but you can’t change the hand you’ve been dealt.  And the future?  Very scary.  How can you be sure things won’t go from bad to worse?

And yet, when you’re under siege, that’s exactly the time when the Lord Jesus shines the brightest.  To learn more about how, “When You’re Under Siege, Jesus Is Your Refuge!” click https://youtu.be/vu0CQxiSdQ4

Dear Savior, when we are under siege, be our refuge and strength, our ever-present help in trouble.  We will not fear when under your care!  Amen.