Baptism, Your Greatest Jewel!

Baptism, Your Greatest Jewel!

Martin Luther said, “Baptism is so full of comfort, heaven and earth can hardly comprehend it!”  What a tremendous jewel God offers us in these holy waters.  There is tremendous comfort available for you in baptism – and you can access it right now!  Listen as Pastor Buege talks more about Galatians 3:26-27 and what God has to share with us about baptism, your greatest jewel. 

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And here is a prayer for today:

Most merciful God, with the sprinkling of water in connection with your Word, you adopted me into your family of believers.  Thank you for pouring out upon me the benefits of Christ’s death and resurrection.  I am your forgiven child.  This is my greatest jewel!  Help me to remember my baptism, and live under the blessings of your grace all my life.  Amen.