It’s Unshakeable

It’s Unshakeable

Is there anything in your life that could cause you to be shaken?  Sadly, there are too many things.  But every time a shakeable circumstance arises, there is unshakeable relief immediately available!  It applies to all circumstances, and it never wears out.  Engage with Hebrews 12:28-29, and find permanent peace in God’s Word that is absolutely unshakeable!

“It’s Unshakeable!” is a message you can watch by video here:

Listen to the “It’s Unshakeable!” message on podcast here:

And here is a prayer for today: 

Gracious God, I am easily shaken and confused.  Too often, I am helpless and timid.  In Christ, you offer something different, something unique, something special, something that you can’t turn off.  You offer your unshakeable promises – and each one has my best interest in mind at all times.  Lead me to trust you boldly, Lord!  Help me to trust in your unshakeable Word above all things, and lean not on my own understanding.  It is in your holy name that I pray, Amen.