Honor God During Rocky Relationships

Honor God During Rocky Relationships

We’ve all had rocky relationships in our life, right?   Of course!  How do you feel when a relationship goes through a hard time, and it’s really not your fault?  When someone does us wrong we can often be furious and want revenge.  But does that honor God?

It doesn’t.

Most important is the relationship each human being – you, as well as your adversary – have with God.  Listen to today’s message, and grow in your desire to honor God, at all times, even as you work your way through a rocky, difficult relationship.  

“Honor God During Rocky Relationships!” is a message you can watch by video here:  https://youtu.be/_Kx80TZf3cY

Listen to the “Honor God During Rocky Relationships!” message on podcast here:  https://votlchurch.podbean.com/e/devotion-honor-god-during-rocky-relationships/?token=2ab20b94f19cc4f2a08e5f7bee6f4bde

And here is a prayer for today: 

Gracious Savior, you alone bring peace and healing.  Without you in our lives, we would have little respect for other human beings, and we would seethe when we are wounded.  Work in our hearts something different, Lord.  Give us peace that passes understanding as we soak in your holy forgiveness.  Instill in us such love for you that we are willing to honor you in the way that we treat others…even if the relationship is rocky.  It’s in your holy name that we pray,  Amen.