Is Forgiveness Ever Small?

Is Forgiveness Ever Small?

Last week we asked the question, “Is sin ever small?”  And our holy God’s clear answer is, “No.  It isn’t.”  Yikes.

But what about God’s forgiveness in Christ?  Is it ever small?  And our holy God’s clear answer is, “No!  It isn’t!”  Where sin increased, grace abounds all the more!

Watch the message by video here:  Is FORGIVENESS Ever Small?

Listen to the message on podcast here:  Is FORGIVENESS Ever Small?

And here is a prayer for today:  Lord Jesus, you know that my sin is never small.  The fight against my sinful nature is fierce, especially when it occurs within my own thought-life.  But thankfully, neither is your forgiveness!  Your grace abounds in my life, more than I can even imagine!  If you stopped forgiving me even for a moment, I would be lost…but thankfully you never will!  I am so grateful for your eternal mercy to me.  Prevent me from believing the lie that any sin is small, and from believing the additional lie that the forgiveness you’ve already won is even smaller.  It’s in your holy name that I pray, Amen.