Big Enough to Forgive

Big Enough to Forgive

Words are POWERFUL and that can cut both ways…

You can leave a wound that lasts a long time or heal a wound that’s been around a long time.  

Join us today as we realize the power we have inside our mouth called, the tongue, and ask God to help us be big enough to forgive anyone for anything.  


Join us today as we look at 2 Samuel 19:22-23 and see how we can do just that!

Watch the message by video here: Big Enough to Forgive!

Listen to the message on the podcast here: Big Enough to Forgive!

And here is a prayer for today: Dear Lord, I praise you for placing the promise of forgiveness into the mouths of me and my fellow Christians. When I want to know that my sins are forgiven, I do not have to climb a ladder or do “this or that” to earn it. It is amazing that a big God has forgiveness big enough to cover a multitude of my sins. Whether it is sinning against someone or you Lord, I know that any Christian can forgive me as you do. Strengthen and preserve me that I can forgive others just as I have been forgiven by you. In your holy name, I pray.