I Want to Go Home!

I Want to Go Home!

“I really just want to go home!”

Have you ever said those words?

Whether you were in college, at the hospital, on a long trip…whatever the circumstances there are times that we just want to go home!

Paul tells us that we can substitute the word Heaven for Home!

I really just want to go to heaven and I will, because of Christ’s finished work. Listen to this powerful verse from Philippians 3!

Watch the message by video here: I Want to Go Home

Listen to the message on the podcast here: I Want to Go Home

Today’s Prayer:

Dear Lord,

You have won the victory for us! Keep us steadfast in your word and not focused on earthly things, but heavenly things!  That is so because heaven is our home and we are only foreigners here on this earth for a short time. Be with us as we make this journey here on this earth. Keep us strong in your word, help us care for others, and always look to you in times of need and joy. All these things remind us that we have a home waiting for us, which you are preparing for us all (John 14:1-4).   

In your name, now and always