Characteristics of God: All Powerful!

Characteristics of God: All Powerful!

When you hear the word “power” – what do you think about?

An Olympic body builder who can lift a shocking amount of weight?

A huge storm like Hurricane Harvey or Ian that destroys homes and buildings?

God is all powerful like that – but also in ways you might not expect.  Today we’re going to talk about God’s power, and how his omnipotence is related to his love!

We hope you enjoy this message! 

To watch by video, click here: God Is All-Powerful in Many Different Ways
To listen, click here: God Is All-Powerful in Many Different Ways

Prayer: Dear Jesus, sometimes I am sad and depressed, and it is overwhelming.  Use your all-powerful love to lift my spirits.  Focus my attention on your cross, where I see your eternal love for me clearly.  Help me to see that, in spite of my disappointments, your mercy is brand new for me every morning.  Use your strength to give me strength to cope with the troubles and sadness in my life.  Help me to find joy in my relationships, and be brave to make new friends.  Renew in my life a purpose to live for you, and serve you and those around me in all that I do.  It’s in your holy name that I pray, Amen.
Nathan Buege
Pastor, Victory of the Lamb Lutheran Church
Katy, TX

“There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” – Romans 8:1
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