Old Testament Gem: Brand New Mercy Today!

“Hey, what’s new?” 

Have you said that to anyone lately or had someone say it to you?  Maybe you’ve made a new pot of coffee.  Maybe you’ve opened up a new book to read.  Sometimes ordinary things are new things, even though they happen every day.

There’s something else that is brand new, yet happens regularly each day…the Lord’s mercy, which is new everyday!  Join us as we look at Lamentations 3:22-24. 

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Lord Jesus, the God of all mercies, your mercy is brand new every day.  Today is no exception!  Thank you for your mercy, which makes itself clear in Jesus Christ.  Thank you for arranging a way for me to be saved from my sin by his name.  Thank you for being with me every step of every day, no matter what comes my way, as my best friend who never leaves nor forsakes me.  When things go wrong, and especially when I have sinned against you, thank you for promising me a brand new delivery the next morning – the package of your precious mercy!  It’s in your merciful, holy name that I pray,  Amen.

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