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Teen Ministry

Helping young Christians navigate life.

Grades 6-12

The pre-teen and teen years can be a challenging season for young Christians.  They can also be foundational in establishing Christian resilience and a Biblical world view.

Our youth program provides opportunities for young people to connect to the Bible, hang out with others, and receive support, encouragement, and guidance from leaders that are passionate about their Christian development.

One special piece of our teen ministry includes parents and teens being invited to take the 7th-8th grade confirmation class alongside one another. We have found this fosters excellent discussion about very important topics.

Teen Ministry

Connecting Young People to Jesus


Open Discussion

Our Teen Ministry group meets regularly to discuss relevant issues that are important in the life of teens today based on what God has to say about them in the Bible.


Fun Activities

From bowling to laser tag to game nights, teens can build lasting friendships in a fun, relaxed environment.


Service Projects

Our teens are encouraged to help in every area of ministry and get connected to the community by getting involved in service projects.