Sunday School

Sunday School

Have you been looking for a wonderful, Bible-based Sunday School?


One of my absolute favorite hours of the week is Sunday School…I really love teaching God’s Word and I love it when God’s Word is being taught to people of all ages!  Whether you’re an adult or a child…single or married… kids or not, how about having at-home Sunday School this week?  And then, join Pastor online to discuss it? 

FIRST, read these verses, and take a stab at the questions below.  

SECOND, JOIN PASTOR FOR AN ONLINE DISCUSSION AT 11:00!  Our online meeting room can hold up to 100 participants.  To join click on the link below.  

March 29th Sunday School Bible Verses: Luke 10:25-37  “The Good Samaritan  If you don’t have a Bible at home, please go to to access a free Bible.

Sunday School Questions to Discuss: 

1.  Look at verse 25.  What was the motive behind the question that the expert in the law asked Jesus?

2.  He asked Jesus, “What must I do to inherit eternal life?”  What is inherently wrong with the words, “do to inherit?”

3.  What are some other pre-suppositions people have before opening the Bible?  See if you can think of at least three.

4.  Look at verse 29.  Now the expert in the law had a slightly different motive.  Why did he ask, “And who is my neighbor?”

5.  Jesus’ response was to tell the parable of the Good Samaritan.  Make a list of all the loving actions done by the Samaritan.

6.  Jesus told the man, “Go and do likewise.”  Compare how the expert in the law would have reacted before and after Jesus told the parable.  Before hearing the parable, the man would have said, “________________.”  But after hearing the parable he hopefully would have said, “______________________.”

7.  What are some “lessons of love” Jesus teaches us with this parable?

Prayer:  Dear Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we bow low before you during this time of national calamity.  We confess that our sins always deserve your chastening judgments.  Yet you are so loving to us, all the time.  So, we also take you at your word when you say that even when you chasten, your goals are loving and good.  Set our hearts on things above.  Help us to love your Word even more than ever before.  Be present with those most directly affected by the coronavirus.  In your mercy, make shattered lives whole again.  Use these difficult days to make us as a nation deeply aware of our total dependence on you.  Help us to love others as you have loved us, even when it is difficult.  And give us courage to face the future, whatever it holds, knowing that it – and we – are in your eternal hands.  It’s in your holy name we pray, Amen.

All Children and adults, from ages 3-100, are welcome to participate in Sunday school after worship on Sundays from 10:45-11:45. A wonderful lesson on the straightforward Scriptures will be taught at an age appropriate level by our trained staff. You don’t need to be registered in advance, simply ask Pastor Buege or an usher where to go. They’d be more than willing to help you out!

What: Sunday school for ages 3+

When: Sundays after worship at 10:45am

You are also more than welcome to join us for worship at 9:30 am!