Old Testament Gem: Deliverance on the Day of the Lord

When Judgment Day comes, there’s no other questions to be asked, no bribery that can be offered to the judge, there’s no way to get out of it.

When some people think about Judgment Day, they feel scared or anxious about it.  People back in Obadiah’s day felt the same way.  However, even though they were very afraid of it, they kept living godless lives anyways and it seemed like they were getting away with their behavior.

Listen to today’s message from Obadiah 15-17 and hear God tell them they weren’t getting away with it and Judgment Day was still coming.  For them.  For us.  But in Christ, there’s a game changer – his forgiveness stands tall on Judgment Day for all who believe in Him.  May you find peace knowing your sins wiped clean by your faith in Jesus alone! There’s no reason to fear Judgment Day!

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Lord Jesus, the day is coming when you alone will come back on your glorious throne with angels filling the sky.  If we are alone on that day, we are doomed and have every reason to fear.  But in your life and death, we are never alone.  You live, and assure us we also will live with you!  You reign, and assure us we also will reign with you!  Assure us of your never-ending love and forgiveness, which offers us a kingdom that can never be destroyed!  Help us to look forward to Judgment Day, when you will call us home to heaven, as much as you are.  Amen.

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