When someone betrays you, it’s very difficult.  Difficult on many levels and yet we can hold fast to who God is and what he’s done to help us through it!

Join us for this week’s devotion as we look at 2 Samuel 15:25b-26!

Watch the message by video here: BETRAYAL!

Listen to the message on podcast here: BETRAYAL!

And here is a prayer for today:  Lord Jesus, I know myself. I know how easy it is for me to sin when I get angry when someone betrays me. I am slow to trust your justice, slow to believe you will repay the wrongs of all who hurt your children. Forgive me when I sin in anger when someone betrays me. Keep me slow to anger, just as you are, Lord. This isn’t what you want my heart to be. Keep me from sinning and I ask you to strengthen me. I put my trust in you, Lord. Save me in my own vindictiveness. Put into my heart love that covers a multitude of sins. All these things, dear God, I pray with a sincere heart. Amen.

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