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We are a Bible-teaching church

The Bible was written to tell a cohesive story which contains profound depth and truth. As the Word of God, written without error, it is worthy of life-long study and meditation. In our Bible studies, worship services and Sunday School, we wish to carefully teach the beautiful and pure Word of God to you.

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Studying The Bible

It is important to understand the Bible within its proper context. The Bible is a long, interwoven story covering a period of over 2500 years. It contains historical accounts, poetry, wisdom literature, prophecy by visions, and parables (earthly stories with a spiritual message).

The Bible was not written with the intent of providing “proof passages” to be pulled out and shot like bullets during a debate. Instead, it was written as a collection of books to tell a cohesive story which contains profound depth and truth. As the inspired Word of God, it is worthy of life-long study and meditation.

Tips for studying the Bible

When studying a passage of Scripture, remember to do the following:

  • Take note of the book in which it is found. What is its genre and main purpose? What is its place in history?
  • Look at the verses before and after the passage in order to keep the truth of the passage in synch with the words around it.
  • Always ask, “What is the passage saying?” before you ask, “Does this answer my question or please my reasoning?”.
  • Look for other passages in the Bible which speak to the same subject in order to help in understanding the truth of your original passage. (Let Scripture interpret Scripture.)

Resources for studying the Bible

  • Many good books are available through Northwestern Publishing House’s online catalog.
  • A good study Bible — We recommend the Concordia NIV Self-Study Bible. It provides historical and literary context, references to related passages, and some explanation and analysis.
  • A good set of commentaries on the books of the Bible — We recommend the People’s Bible series and authors Paul Kretzmann, R.C.H. Lenski, and Matthew Henry.
  • A set of Bible encyclopedia
  • A good Bible dictionary
  • An exhaustive concordance of the Bible. We recommend authors James Strong and Robert Young.
  • A pastor — Please feel welcome to consult our pastor. During his college and seminary training, he received extensive training in the original Hebrew and Greek biblical texts. Take advantage of his knowledge and experience.

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