Characteristics of God: Love

God is Love.  As we’ve seen in this devotion series on the characteristics of God, he’s also triune, holy, eternal, all-knowing, everywhere, powerful, faithful and more…but all of that would only terrify us if He weren’t also LOVE! 

Let’s look at Psalm 103: 8-12 together.  There we find God’s abounding love that never stops.  It’s all a gift, and it’s simply because of who he is and how he wants to treat us. 

We hope you enjoy this message! 

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Prayer: Gracious Savior, you welcomed all who came to you, even the outcasts and the despised.  Even when enemies personally attacked you, you never reacted with a ME-FIRST attitude.  Give me a faith that dares to come to you, trusting only in your love.  Prevent me from thinking that I have to earn your love, or do something to appease you before I can rest in it.  Cause your love to abound in my soul, that I unconditionally accept and look out for others in the same way that you looked out for me, and accepted me.  It’s in your loving, saving name that I pray, Amen.
Nathan Buege
Pastor, Victory of the Lamb Lutheran Church
Katy, TX

“There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” – Romans 8:1
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