Exchange Pride for Wisdom!

What if you could throw idolatry, greed, lust, adultery, murder, unforgiveness, arrogance, gossip, plus every other sin into a big black pot, and boil it all down to its very core?  What would you have left? 


That’s the root of every sin.  That’s why little kids have a passion for all the toys. and why parents watch only one player on the team.  It’s why eyes wander; it’s why arguments are provoked and prolonged; it’s why cowards drop a verbal bomb and leave a mess; and it’s why God gets blamed for everything that seems wrong.  The “ME-FIRST!” lifestyle seems so normal to so many…but it only leads to one place.  Guess where? 

Here’s the verse for today:  When pride comes, then comes disgrace; but with humility comes wisdom (Proverbs 11:2).

Do you want to follow a prideful path into disgrace?  Didn’t think so.  So be brave!  Live differently than the rest of the world!  Embrace humility.  That doesn’t mean you’re always embarrassed, but it does mean that you’re always making yourself small.  The humble soul keeps asking, “What does my spouse need, and how can I help?  Whose heart can I listen to?  For whom can I pray?  Can I console someone today?  How can I correct them, but in a loving way?”  The humble person is full of joy as they keep sizing up opportunity after opportunity to show love.  Never are they bored!  Always are they wise!

Our verse today makes that very clear: the humble lifestyle only leads to wisdom.  Do you want to make a lasting impact?  Do you want to earn someone’s love and respect?  Do you want to be as helpful as possible to your loved ones?  Crush your pride; make yourself small; read your Bible, and let God’s wisdom overflow out of you.  

Humble Savior, thank you for having forgiven me of my sins, and for comforting me with your promise that payment for my sins has been FINISHED.  Help me to see that a lifestyle of pride, though the world calls it “normal,” you call it a disgrace.  Strengthen my faith, so that I live the rest of my days to your glory.  Give me joy in making myself small to serve you and others around me, that I might not be plagued by the fear of missing out.  Dear Jesus, it is in your holy name that I pray, Amen.

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