God is Faithful

Today’s devotion will be answering 3 important questions as we dive deeper into Sunday’s Sermon. The theme is  “God is Faithful”.  

1. What sin do these Scripture verses point out to me?

2. Where in these Scriptures verses do I see God’s plan of forgiveness through Jesus?

3. What is one attitude adjustment these scripture verses help me to have?

Watch the message by video here: God is Faithful

Listen to the message on the podcast here: God is Faithful

Today’s Prayer:

Dear Lord, let us be faithful to you always. Light our hearts ablaze to do the work that you have entrusted to us. As we keep moving forward in our lives, let us trust in you always when we are tempted by the world and Satan’s lies. Keep us steadfast always to you and you alone. Be with us Lord, let us be faithful to you always, just as you were and are faithful to us. You were faithful to us, so much so that you sent your one and only Son to live and die and rise for us. Be faithful to your children, every step of every day. Both now and always, 


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