Heaven Is Your Home!

Everyone else in the room is laughing – but you just politely smile and nod.  Everyone else is dressed very much alike – but it’s obvious that you’ve come from someplace else.  Everyone else seems to simply know where to go, and what to do – but you move along slowly, and differently.

Do you enjoy feeling like a stranger? 

It’s usually not your first choice to feel that way.  You feel left out.  You feel isolated.  You feel that everyone else has it better than you, and since there is strength in numbers, they are strong and you are not.  Yet God says that the Christian should get used to that “strange” feeling.  And for good reason!  “Dear friends, I urge you, as aliens and strangers in the world, to abstain from sinful desires, which war against your soul (I Peter 2:11).”

Why is it valuable to be a stranger in this world?  Well, would you rather be well-connected to darkness, or well-connected to eternal forgiveness?  Would you rather be consumed with chaos, or with Christ’s peace?  Would you rather be always dreading Judgment Day, or be always looking forward to it? 

Just because billions of human beings reject God’s holy truth – that doesn’t change the fact that it is still God’s holy truth.  Be unashamed and courageous!  Abstain from sinful desires that war against your soul!  Rejoice at the opportunity to live as a stranger in this world – because in Christ’s forgiveness, you won’t be a stranger forever.  

Heaven.  Is.  Your.  Home.

Prayer:   Lord, I’m but a stranger here – heaven is my home.  Earth is a desert drear – heaven is my home.  Dangers and sorrows stand – ’round me on every hand – but heaven is my fatherland!  Heaven is my home.  Amen.

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