His Eyes Are On You

Have you ever heard someone referred to as “eagle-eyed?”  It means that they have very good vision.  And there are some good reasons for that!

  • It’s estimated that eagle eyesight is four to eight times more powerful than human eyesight. This gives them 20/5 or 20/4 vision.
  • Eagle eyes are angled 30 degrees away from the center of their face.  This gives them a 340-degree visual field, rather than a human’s 180-degree field. 
  • It is believed that eagles can spot a rabbit from two miles away, or an ant crawling on the ground from the top of a ten-story building.  
  • And as the eagle zooms at speeds between 125-200 miles per hour to attack his prey, the muscles of his eyes make constant adjustments to the curvature of the eyeballs.  This enables him to keep his prey in sharp focus as he makes his approach.

If someone had eagle-eye vision, you’d want to be their friend, not their prey!  Think about that as you consider your relationship with God.  His holy vision easily surpasses even the eagles’ vision.  Our verse today says, “The eyes of the LORD are on the righteous and his ears are attentive to their cry; the face of the LORD is against those who do evil, to cut off the memory of them from the earth (Psalm 34:15-16).”

The LORD’s better-than-an-eagle eyesight is comforting for the repentant Christian. For the LORD sees all their lies, arrogance and sexual immorality, and absolutely cleanses them through the blood of Jesus. He has not abandoned them to face the future by themselves. They can never escape his loving gaze or protection. His eyes are always on the righteous.

The LORD’s better-than-eagle-eyesight is terrifying for the unrepentant sinner. For the LORD sees all their lies, arrogance and sexual immorality, and will absolutely hold them accountable for everything. No, they cannot sin in secret. No, they cannot go someplace where the LORD doesn’t see them. Either they trust that Jesus has paid for their sin, or they will pay for it all on their own. But as the LORD watches them, his passion is that they change. He doesn’t want them to face Judgment Day alone. He has sent his Son to pay for everything they need.

Are you close to Jesus? Keep living a lifestyle of repentance, knowing the LORD’s always watching. Are you apart from Jesus? Repent of your sin before it’s too late, and the face of the LORD is against you for eternity!

Prayer: Holy Spirit, work within my soul a deep desire for repentance. Thank you for assuring me that your eyes are always upon me, and that I will never have to face a trial alone. Remind me that your eyes are always on everyone. Use me to encourage others in my life to also repent of their sin, that they might find the peace that I have found in Christ Jesus and his forgiveness. Amen.

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