How Pleasure Can Be Meaningful, Not Meaningless

“If it feels good…do it!  You only live once!” 

Those worldly thoughts are aimed at trying to find a life of pure pleasure on earth!  It sure sounds good at first, and very often the pleasurable activity feels good for a while – if only just a few hours – but what then?  It’s over.  It might have done damage.  The temporary high is history.

This pursuit of pleasure is really a pursuit that has been going on ever since Adam and Eve were in Eden, and they decided they weren’t content with everything God had given them.  They felt they needed something more…as though lasting happiness could be found somehow apart from God…and we all know what happened afterwards.

Join us for today’s message as we find the right mindset, so that we find balanced joy in earthly pleasures as they come and go throughout our lifetime.  God bless you as you enjoy God’s gift of pleasure in a way that honors him, instead of in a way that is meaningless.

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PRAYER:  Dear God, you give pleasure to mankind as a wonderful gift to enjoy – but not worship as an idol that solves all problems.  Give me a perspective that sizes up pleasure-filled activities with a balanced, thankful, God-pleasing mindset.  Thank you for giving me something eternally meaningful to occupy my mind – the gift of your holy Word, which centers on your passion for forgiving sinners in Christ Jesus our Savior.  Give me a heart that looks forward to eternal pleasures in heaven, as I desire to be closer and closer with you while walking through the blessings and challenges of life.  It’s in your holy, precious, saving name that I pray,  Amen.

Nathan Buege
Pastor, Victory of the Lamb Lutheran Church
Katy, TX

“There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” – Romans 8:1

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