Humble, Generous Jesus

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Have you noticed that our world often follows the golden rule?  It may not be the golden rule that you might think.

“Whoever has the most gold, get’s to make all the rules!” 

When we look at our world we see a non-stop shoving match of people trying to make as much money as possible.  Trampling others, clenching to what they have, and not willing to give an inch.

But Jesus is different! Join us for today’s devotion as we look at Philippians 2:8-9  and learn from Jesus so we can have a humble, generous heart! 

Watch the message by video here: “Humble, Generous Jesus”

Listen to the message on the podcast here: “Humble, Generous Jesus”
Today’s Prayer:

Dear Lord,
You have given us the perfect gift. You hold all the power and authority in the universe, yet you humbled yourself as a baby in a manger. Help us lead humble and generous lives in service to you. Guard our hearts so that we do not fall into the rule of this world. Help us look to you always at every point of our lives because you humbled yourself greatly for our sake. You have given us the most generous gift of all; your life on a cross.  

We ask this in your name…

In your name, now and always


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