I’m a Work in Progress

“A work in progress” usually means you’re unfinished but working on it, right?

It can mean many things, working on getting better, lots of improvement to be made, and going in the right direction. Sometimes we do not reach there overnight, rather it is a work in progress.

Do you see yourself as a work in progress as far as your living a life for others is concerned?

Let’s look at Philippians 1:25 and learn more from Paul on this topic.

Watch the message by video here: I’m A Work in Progress

Listen to the message on the podcast here: I’m A Work in Progress

Today’s Prayer:

Dear Lord,

We know that you work in all things. As we live our lives, we will have troubles, pains, and sorrow. As we try to live our life of love, we are a work in progress. Direct our lives to serve you and be closer to you. Do not let us be distracted by the world things of this earth, but rather the things in heavenly places. Give us peace in that as we continue in our walks of faith. Cause our faith to shine to others as you have by your Son. 

In your name, now and always


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