Judgment Day Glory!

What will it look like? This is a question that is often asked when it comes to Judgment day. One thing that we know for sure is that we will be in awe and amazement when we see Jesus and his angels coming down from heaven. What’s more, we can look forward to that day with great joy!  Watch and listen as Pastor Buege explains why.

Watch the message by video here:

Listen to the message on a podcast here:

And here is a prayer for today:

Dear Redeemer of every soul, since you will come back one day to judge all people on Judgment Day, today I pray for everyone.  Although I won’t know even the smallest percentage of them, I hope to see many of them in your eternal kingdom one day.  Be with your faithful people in every land so that your gospel message of peace might reach everyone.  Send your Holy Spirit to break through the night of unbelief with the sunshine of faith in Christ Jesus.  Give many in our world true peace, joy, hope and unity through your powerful Word.  It’s in the holy name of Jesus that I pray, the friend and Savior of all, Amen.

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