Law and Gospel Explained

There are two main doctrines in the Bible: the law and the gospel.  The law penetrates, and we are cut to the heart!  The gospel penetrates, and our wounds are healed.  To appreciate all of God’s holy truth is to appreciate both doctrines.  Learn more about the essential value of both as Pastor Nathan explains Romans 3:23-24.  

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And here is a prayer for today:

Dear Savior, we thank you for your holy law, which cuts us to the heart and leaves no wiggle room for pride.  Help us listen to your law in an unvarnished way, even though it stabs us.  We also thank you for your holy gospel, which penetrates our hearts and leaves no wiggle room for fear.  Help us listen to your gospel in an unvarnished way, as our hope is found in Christ alone.  Thank you, gracious Savior, for your holy Word!  It’s in your name alone that we pray, Amen.

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