Live Transparently!

Your day will never be peaceful if you hide your sin, even if many other good things happen.  So live transparently!  Confess the ways you’ve offended God. And drop the entire load at the cross of Christ!  Be refreshed in his ocean of pardon!  Hiding from God is the ultimate waste of time and energy, but hiding in God is the ultimate smart move.  

Here is a link for today’s devotion on Psalm 32:

Heavenly Father, you know very well how hiding my sin drains me, and the cold that crushes me is not from the weather but from my own heart.  When I’m trying to hide my sin, give me what the blame game and slippery emotions cannot give: the strength of your presence, the peace of your pardon, and the courage to love you and those around me going forward.  Lord, give me such a faith as this! Amen.

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