Marriage = Beneficial Listening

Having ears that listen is a good thing to have in a marriage. When two spouses are listening, you’re both beneficial to each other!  But when you have two people talking and nobody listening, it’s rough at best.  Worse yet is when you have nobody talking and nobody listening.

Listen, while God encourages us to be as much of a blessing to our spouse as we can, with these words from Ephesians 4.  The secret is listening!

Watch the message by video here: Marriage = Beneficial Listening!

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And here is a prayer for today: Heavenly Savior, as you have instituted and blessed marriage, so also help us who are married to keep you ever with us. Forgive us those times when we let anger, distrust, unhappiness, or lack of devotion harm our relationships. Teach us to turn to you and to talk to each other to get through difficult times. Let your love for us show through us to each other. Strengthen us and keep us together with you in love all our days. Amen. 

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