Old Testament Gem: Restore, Repair, Rebuild

Last week a storm came through the Houston area, and two small tornadoes popped up.  Strong winds blew through, and it unexpectedly left a lot of damage!

Fences, branches, buildings and trampolines were either damaged or destroyed.  Power was knocked out for hundreds of thousands of residents.  There’s a spiritual parallel to consider…just like damage after a storm, we are broken people, and left in ruins by our sinfulness.  What now?  Today we’re going to look at Amos 9:11 and a promise that all hope is not lost.


Lord God of kings and nations, you are in control of all things at all times.  Our wayward attitudes wreck our relationship with you.  But even though you could cast us away forever, it’s certainly not your first choice.  Give us a heart of repentance!  Lead us to trust in you above all things!  Assure us of your never-ending love and forgiveness, which offers us a kingdom that can never be destroyed.  Restore us.  Repair us.  Rebuild us in Christ.  Amen.

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