Our Resilient Savior Is Refreshed

Almost 100 million people were watching last Sunday as the Kansas City Chiefs captured their first Super Bowl win in fifty years.  Afterwards, there was so much red and yellow confetti falling on the field, some players made “confetti angels” in the end zone.  The quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, said, “I’m going to Disney World!”  And the previously embattled head coach, Andy Reid, shouted, “How about them Chieeeeeeeeefs!” for all the world to hear.  It was impossible to wipe the smiles off their faces.

They were all exhausted, yet energized!

I wonder if a similar situation took place after the Showdown in the Sand nearly 2,000 years ago.  The old, wily foe had offered Jesus some satanic shortcuts.  And even though the Christ was tempted three times to sinfully say, “ME FIRST!”…our hero shot each lie down with the powerful Scriptures.  Satan had no choice but to leave!  Yes, he would be back for another round…but for now, Jesus had peace in his victory.  The Scriptures describe the afterglow in the desert this way:  “Then the devil left him, and angels attended him (Matthew 4:11).”

What do you suppose the angels did as they attended Jesus?  Did they come with pictures of his cross and empty tomb?  Did they come singing hymns of praise? What a high honor for them to come down from heaven and serve their Lord and Creator as he was drained!  What a sight that must have been!  The desert afterglow of Jesus and the angels certainly surpassed the afterglow of anything you’d ever see on earth, even after somebody’s first Super Bowl victory in fifty years.

Jesus was exhausted, yet energized!  That’s important, because his battle wasn’t finished yet.  He’d willingly battle Satan for another three years.  But he went straight to it.  All his energy was devoted to it.  Not for one instant did he flinch from the struggle.  And through it all, he enjoyed the comfort and camaraderie of the angels.

How about you?  If you are breathing, your battle isn’t over yet either.  Satan is relentlessly telling you to be ME FIRST, and giving you plenty of sinful proof why that’s best.  But God’s Word hasn’t changed.  It’s still a heavenly howitzer that Satan cannot withstand.  Be comforted – Jesus has won!  Be bolstered – Jesus is with you!  And as you follow Christ, keep your eyes on the prize.  Be exhausted, yet energized!

Prayer: Lord Jesus, you know that Satan, the Accuser, is filled with fury because his time is short.  He wages war against those who keep your commands and hold to your truth.  But you have already triumphed over him, King Messiah!  Even when I am exhausted, help me to stay energized!  Give me courage to use your finished work as the most precious, powerful and perfect weapon I have!  And help me to set my heart on things above, even while I battle my selfishness here below  Amen.

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