Pursue Peace and Holiness

What are you chasing?  What are you pursuing?  God’s powerful Word assures us that when we pursue his peace, as well as a holy lifestyle, we will never be disappointed.

“Pursue Peace and Holiness” is a message you can watch by video here:

Listen to the “Pursue Peace and Holiness” message on podcast here:

And here is a prayer for today: 

Holy God, you alone are the God of peace.  I turn to you, instead of to an unquiet world as I pursue rest for my spirit and holiness for my thoughts.  I bring my work to be sanctified, my wounds to be healed, my sins to be forgiven, my hopes to be renewed.  In you there is perfect harmony.  Draw me to yourself, and silence the discords of my guilty conscience.  Your greatness is beyond my highest praise.  Take me out of the loneliness of self, and fill me instead with the fullness of your peace.  It’s in Jesus’ name that I pray, Amen.

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