Shine Like Stars

The darker the darkness, the brighter the light shines!

As we look into our world, we might see some dark and confusing places.  We see a lot of people lost and searching for a light to guide them and bring them peace.

Would you like to be a light to guide them and help make a difference in their life?

Be a star – God’s way!  

Join us for today’s devotion as we look at Philippians 2:14-16a and learn to shine!

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Today’s Prayer:

Dear Lord,
Let your light shine in our hearts. You are the great shining light that brightens the whole world around it. Let your majesty be seen throughout the whole world as you are its great light.  As we go throughout this dark world, be our guiding light. Let your Word brighten our lives. As you tell us that your word is a lamp to our feet and light for our paths, be with us throughout our lives, and be our guiding star. So in turn, we can shine like stars in this world. Be with us and give us the strength to do that.

We ask this in your name, now and always


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