Tears for Christ’s Enemies

What makes you cry?

A natural reaction to something… like cutting onions in the kitchen?

Physical pain…like stubbing your toe or recovering from surgery?

Emotional pain…sometimes those losses that you’re grieving last for days, months, or years!

Maybe when something touches your heart like singing a hymn or a joyful event?

What about when you see someone sinning?

In Philippians 3:18-19 the apostle Paul was encouraging them to live for Christ and not like the rest of the world…here is what he had to say about that, and it involves tears…

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Today’s Prayer:

Dear Lord,
Give us the strength to pray on behalf of our enemies. Be with them so that they might eventually know you. Give us the courage and strength to stand for what is right and true in your word. Be with us as well so that we continue to grow in our faith in you. Let us be light that they look to and see your wondrous light. Cause your enemies to see that you are their God and that you love and cherish them, just as you do with us. 

We ask this in your name, now and always


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