The Gift of Gospel Partners

It’s important that members of a team are supportive and encouraging to one another, right?!

“Great try!”

“That was an amazing hit!”

“You’ll get it next time!”

That’s part of being a team!

Join us today as we look at Philippians 1:3-6 and hear Paul and the encouragement he got from his “team”, his partners in the gospel!

Watch the message by video here:  The Gift of Gospel Partners.

Listen to the message on the podcast here:  The Gift of Gospel Partners.

Today’s Prayer:

Dear Lord,
Encourage us to live our lives for the benefit of others. Help us work together to spread the gospel throughout the world! We are like members of a team, we each have important parts. We each have our unique mix of strengths and weaknesses. Help us reflect your love and be blessings to others as we go throughout our lives. It is because of your great love for each one of us that you sent us the greatest gift of all; Jesus.


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