The Harvest from Hardship

Who enjoys hardship?  Not me!  And probably not you either.

You can either handle hardship alone and without God; or you can handle hardship with God’s Word in the middle of everything.  When we choose the latter, and not the former, and handle hardship in a Christ-centered way, guess what?  There is an abundant harvest of God-pleasing fruit that flows from our hearts and into our activities.  Let’s defeat the devil at his own game!  When hardship comes, let’s be more God-pleasing than ever before, and not the alternative.

“The Harvest from Hardship” is a message you can watch by video here:

Listen to the “Harvest from Hardship” message on podcast here:

And here is a prayer for today: 

Holy Heavenly Father, you have a long history of delivering your people from hardship at just the right time, and in just the right way.  Bring us relief from the hardships we are facing today, if that be your will.  Rescue us from the plagues of this sinful world.  Help us to trust that when hardship comes, it is not a tool to drive us away from you, but instead a tool for you to draw us closer.  As we endure hardship under you care, follow through on your promise to create an abundant harvest of God-pleasing fruit from it.  Fix our eyes upon your Son, Jesus Christ, through whom you delivered us from sin, death and hell, and who now sits at your right hand in glory.  It’s in your holy name that we pray, Amen.

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