The Power of Un-Gossip

Jewelers would love for you to believe that diamonds last forever.  You know what else never dies?  The betrayal one feels when a trusted friend gossips about them.

WARNING:  Watch your mouth!  Think before you click!  Pause before you post!  “Friends” who love DRAMA will twist what you say, only to stir up more drama.  Emails are hastily forwarded to the wrong people and long-term damage occurs.  Since 96% of Americans own a phone, with cameras and social media connections so easily accessible, you are a celebrity whether you realize it or not.  

It’s more important than ever to protect the private information of others!  Here’s the verse to think about today:  “A gossip betrays a confidence, but a trustworthy man keeps a secret (Proverbs 11:13).” 

Someone who gossips has no boundaries.  Truth and lies are both fair game.  Anyone can be the target of their words.  Someone who gossips will always be an expert in the details of another’s sin, while always ignoring their own sins of gossip.  Their gossip-bombs inflict tremendous damage…and sometimes that takes place even when they’re sharing truth; but it’s a truth that should’ve been kept quiet.  

The Christian who thinks straight will declare war upon the temptation to gossip.  They’ll ask questions like, “Am I speaking the truth in love with what I’m saying, clicking or posting?  Do I have all the facts here?  Is this private information that really should be keep private, unless my friend chooses to share it?  Will anything helpful or upbuilding happen if this is made public?  Would I be ashamed if this got out about me?”   

It’s true that gossip causes a ton of reckless damage.  But it’s also true that a trustworthy friend causes a ton of peaceful upbuilding.  Be that sturdy Christian friend for someone.  What a gift you can be, when a friend unloads their fears upon you, and all you do is listen to their heart, pray with them, and keep private information to be exactly that: private!  Christians have opportunities to protect one another’s reputations and encourage transparency at the same time, with proper boundaries.  Stop lying and gossiping, and you will stop the devil from spreading his poison!  

Dear Savior, you know very well that a gossip does much damage, while a trusted friend does much good.  You know what it’s like for lies to be spread about you, and for trusted friends to betray you.  Keep me from gossip, Lord!  Help me to watch my tongue, so that I only stick to your truth!  Give me wisdom, discernment, self-control and a listening heart so that I can be a treasured, trusted Christian friend for others in my life.  Amen.

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