Victory of the Lamb: No More Tears

Victory of the Lamb…what does it mean?

“Victory” means to WIN!  But what do you win?  

What about “lamb”?  It’s an innocent, gentle animal that’s pretty helpless…

Listen to this message as Pastor Buege explains it all. May it fill you with peace and joy every day…because the battle has been won! One day your tears will be wiped away!

Watch the message by video here: Victory of the Lamb: No More Tears

Listen to the message on the podcast here: Victory of the Lamb: No More Tears

Today’s Prayer:

Dear Lord,

You have won the victory for us! You promise that we have glory in heaven because you have won it all for us. Keep us steadfast in your word. Help us overcome any and every sin. Give us the strength to live our lives knowing that you have won the victory for us! Let our light shine and give us the confidence to share in our victory with everyone.  

In your name, now and always


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