Want Some More?

Have you ever wished you had more?

More salary or bonuses.  More stocks that went up.  More in my retirement accounts.  More jewelry and nice clothes.  More vacation time.  More motivation.  More answers.

We’d all like a little more of some of those things.  But instead of wishing you had more of that, how about wishing you had more fear of the LORD?  Here’s the Scripture verse for today:  “Better a little with the fear of the LORD than great wealth with turmoil (Proverbs 15:16).” 

Isn’t that worth chewing on?  Let’s take a moment to define this precious commodity, the “fear of the LORD.”  That means admitting – and enjoying – that God is here, and that you aren’t God.  It means revering everything that God loves, as well as revolting against everything that God hates.  It means that instead of trying to change God to fit what you’ve always thought, you let God change your heart to fit what he’s always known.

And consider the alternative.  What if you don’t have fear of the LORD, but you do have great wealth?  First of all, you won’t ever think you have great wealth.  You’ve chosen to sign up for a life of more and more turmoil, nasty comments and unresolved tension.  There will be more sleepless nights and more craving for more…but without any satisfaction.  Haven’t you heard of at least one person who has no godliness, great wealth, and never-ending turmoil?

When you’d like more, focus on fear of the LORD, and not wealth.  Then, even after a pay cut, you’ll still have more and more contentment.  You’ll be so occupied with staring at the LORD and his surprising grace, it won’t even cross your mind to deeply desire more money.  Really, it won’t…try it!  And enjoy a little with a lot of the fear of the LORD!

Humble Savior, thank you for giving me not too much, and not too little.  Whenever I begin to imagine that I’d like more wealth, re-direct me to crave more respect for your holy name.  Then give me a single-minded heart that loves and trusts you above all things!  You alone can hold me fast in your promises.  You alone can give me peace that lasts for an eternity.  It is in your holy name that I pray, Amen.

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