“You Can One-Up the Lions!”

“The King of the Jungle!”  Isn’t that what we call lions?  Yet, our Bible verse today describes how anyone who is trusting in the LORD is “one-up” on them.

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Dear Savior, you created the lions in all their majesty and strength.  You take care of all their needs!  And you have also created me, knitting me together in my mother’s womb and giving me personality and energy.  Not only that, you’ve also redeemed my soul from everything sinful.  You’ve promised that I will see you in your eternal mansions one day.  Until I arrive safely there, you always have my best interest in mind.   Lead me to seek your wisdom with all my heart, all the time!  And then give me confidence that your providence is so thorough and lasting, I lack nothing good.  Amen. 

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