Characteristics of God: Love

God is Love.  As we’ve seen in this devotion series on the characteristics of God, he’s also triune, holy, eternal, all-knowing, everywhere, powerful, faithful and more…but all of that would only terrify us if He weren’t also LOVE!  Let’s look at Psalm 103: 8-12 together.  There we find God’s abounding love that never…

Characteristics of God: All Powerful!

When you hear the word “power” – what do you think about? An Olympic body builder who can lift a shocking amount of weight? A huge storm like Hurricane Harvey or Ian that destroys homes and buildings? God is all powerful like that – but also in ways you might not expect.  Today we’re going to talk about God’s power, and how his…

What is Love?

There is a wedding at our church this week. So it is a good time to talk about the topic of “love”.  Love is a word we use quite a lot… “Oh, I LOVE this!” “Oh, I just LOVE that!” Sometimes we use the word a little too casually, don’t you think? Love really is a word with a lot of gravity! Join us as we look at…
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